Can I use Airtable for tracking students' data?


Hi there,

I’m a teacher and would love to move us over to airtable for our data tracking within our department.
We have been using this Google Sheet 2 for the last few years but it’s clunky.
Airtable looks a lot more stable but I can’t figure out the best way to make it have the same functionality. If anyone can help I would be super grateful!

Problems with Sheets:

  • Teachers can only filter, not sort, their students because it throws all the look ups out of order.

  • I put warnings on columns people shouldn’t touch but things can easily be overwritten and thrown out of whack by a mistaken click.

We have two of these sheets in operation at a time (2 GCSE year groups - UK 14-16 exams), with 180 students listed in each and up to 9 teachers using it.

I’ve added a couple of dummy students so you can see how it’s supposed to work.

PS sorry for posting this again - I didn’t get any responses with my last header and really could use the advice. Thanks!


I’ve answered (for a certain value of the term ‘answered’) you offline.