Can I use IF or SWITCH to return different URL's?

I am trying to link a few different drop box URL’s to our table. The case use would be if designer X is selected from the multi select drop down, return URL(A), if designer XX is selected, return URL(B), if designer XXX is selected, return URL© and so on. I have a field with the multi select options and I have a field where I want the corresponding URL’s to populate once the designer is selected.

Is this possible?

Yes, its possible. You could do this with either SWITCH() or IF(), but SWITCH() is more efficient:

SWITCH({Multiple Select Field Name}, 'Designer A', 'URL A', 'Designer B', 'URL B', 'Designer C', 'URL C', ...)

So ‘URL A’ is the actual URL? And it works as a URL?

That worked! Thanks a bunch! I was not doing the correct punctuation. So thankful for knowledgeable and generous people here!

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