Can I utilise the automated functions at the bottom of every base in formulae?

I’ve been using Airtable for some years now and would consider myself pretty knowledgeable. However, I’ve never been able to figure out how to, or even whether, I can use the automated functions at the bottom any Base Window which gives a variety of information about the column above it, for eg. Sum, Average, Median, Min, Max etc.


Is this possible, if so, how?


Unfortunately, those values cannot be accessed anywhere else in Airtable. You can’t sort by those values, you can’t group by those values, you can’t use those values in formulas, you can’t even copy & paste them. They are for visual cosmetic purposes only, which makes them relatively useless.

You can recreate them by using multiple tables, linked records, and rollup fields, but still not the same thing.

Be sure to email to request that they enhance the functionality of those values in the summary bars.

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