Can "Limit record selection to a view" be combined with a dynamic filter

I have two tables, one showing teachers/trainers assigned to specific classes. For Example Colume 1 “Classes” (English, Math, etc). Too each class are assigned different teachers (in Colume 2)

In a second table I want to plan concrete dates for classes. So I have three colums “Date”, “Class” and a third “Teacher”. Colums “Class” and “Teacher” are linked to my first table. For the colum “teacher” I want to limit the view depending on the choosen value for class (only display the teachers that can teach that class). The view function seems not to help, since the filter/view always depends on the choosen value for class and needs therefore to be dynamic.

Basically in a data base i would use a Dimension Table but I could not figure it out in airtabel.

Any ideas?

Welcome to the community, Niclas! :smiley: Check out this thread, which outlines a method for setting up the kind of system you want: