Can not share a form of private link

Hi, Folks. I had created a form for collecting data. I put in example link.

I didn’t set up any option in my form.

But the form link dosen’t work that customer can not fill in the form.
The link moved to log-in page. How can i fix it?

Best, Daniel

Hey Daniel,

Welcome to the community!

You’ve most likely shared the browser link that’s displaying your form view inside of Airtable.

You need to click the Share form button inside the Form and share that specific link.

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Hi, Hannah
I had shared specific link as i wrote before.

Can you open my form?

The form link opens for me as expected.

Oops. I was logged into Airtable, so this might not be a valid test.

If the firm is limited to a specific domain, the sign in form is used to get the domain. If the form used to be limited by a domain, could there be a caching issue?

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When I open it in a new window (without being logged into Airtable), it redirects me to the login page as you stated. So, I can see what your customer is saying.

Not sure what the issue is here.

I created a new form in my base and then shared the link and opened it without being logged into Airtable, and it opened correctly as it should have.

It’s either a bug or you haven’t copied the URL correctly. If the former, reach out to Airtable support and see if they can help.


Thanks Hannah and Kuovonne,
I will ask Airtable team this topic.

Do you know what is Airtable support e-mail or contact?
I can not find the contact in Airtable website.

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