Can someone formula this? Checkbox with formula


Here is what I want:
I want a formula to multiply the Total Units by 1.95 if OOM? is not checked. And if OOM? is checked, I want Total Units to be multiplied by 2.70.
Let me know if you need anymore info from me. Thanks in advance!!


I am currently using the following formula, but per the formula formatting section, my function is not fully configured, and I can not change the format to a currency. What do I need to add or take away?

IF({Tier:}=1, IF({OOM?}=1, {Total Units:}*2.70, IF({OOM?}=0, {Total Units:}*1.95,)))

Nested IF() Formulas with Checkboxes

Does this work?

IF({OOM?}=1, {Total Units:}*2.70, {Total Units:}*1.95)

Formatting works after the formula is accepted.


Like @Tuur said the Formatting tab/area stays grey until the formula is correct.
You will see this screen:
Total Pay Currency