Can we connect two “multi select” rows with each other?

can we connect two “multi select” rows with each other? Example:
Column 1: A, B, C
Column 2: 1,2,3
We would like to associate A with 1, B with 2 and C with 3.

In a nutshell, what we’re trying to do is this: For each software developer in our database, we want to display the number of years they have in a specific technology. Say 5 years in PHP or 2 years in Airtable etc

Can this be done?

Hi @Dstep,

You won’t be able to have a multi select field that changes, the field should be a Formula field. You can use this Switch({Coulmn1}, ‘A’, 1, ‘B’, 2, ‘C’, 3)

That won’t work for us I don’t think because our values change. No other way eh?

Hi @Dstep,

Please show me a screenshot of your current setup and maybe I have another solution. Maybe a Lookup Field?


Hi Mohamed,

This is what I’m trying to accomplish.

Hi @Dstep,

And how is your current setup? Screenshot your table.

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