Can we export the data from 1 Master Base to many Subs Bases with condition filter?

I want to build a custom CRM for my inside sale team and other teams.

I have a Master base that has all the leads data also that’s where we want to assign who will take care of these leads.

After we assign a lead, our Sale Agent will see new lead appear inside of their own Sub-CRM.
We could do that with Filter and Importrange in Google Sheet.

Could we do the same here in Air Table?

You can do that with the MiniExtensions portal:

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And you can also dii it with Airtable’s native Sync. Syncing is only one-way however, so if you need too add some data in the Sub-CRM base, it won’t be pushed back to the original base (unless you set up an Automation to do it).

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I’m testing Sync function, it’s quite fun playing with it.

I would need those Sub-CRM able to send back data to the Master CRM.
I have tried Sync but there are still having a lot of limitations when the 2 files are linked to each other.

For example, Master CRM sync “Lead Info” to Sub-CRM
Then in Sub-CRM, I added a couple more columns so our teammate can update their status.
I build sync from Sub-CRM back to Master CRM.
However, in Master CRM, data stay in 2 table.

Are there any simpler way for us to build the connect more efficiently?