Can we get a list of field definitions of a table?

I can get a list of field names by downloading the CSV and look at the header line. But is there a way to get a list of field definitions (field type, formula details?)


This is the best I’ve been able to muster:


Echoing this feature request for a way to export the list of fields and their field types, including formula or other specifications. Really helpful for generating a data dictionary and user guide.


We would love to see this as well

Yes, please!! We need to share a data dictionary with folks not using the bases, and keeping them updated has been very difficult and messy. If we could simply export that from Airtable, that would ensure all revisions are captured.


+1 We would benefit from being able to extract the metadata about our bases so we can annotate it.

Any word from Airtable on this? Field definitions are SUPER critical. I can get it via code for now but this (and re-ordering) fields should be pretty basic.

Yes please. Very needed

+1 Incredible this isn’t available. In order to fine, having to manually edit the names to include field types and then run regex :frowning:

It’s going to be 3 years soon and still nothing. Looks like not a priority for Airtable. I understand they want to keep users in the system …but there are plenty of other reasons I should be able to export list of fields… e.g. training of other users or perhaps simply design of the base. Being able to see all fields and reorganize them perhaps on paper would be rather useful than tossing the fields around by dragging and dropping them in the drop down interface of hidden field which can get sluggish on slower machines and internet connections.

Another reason we need export fields + formulas is to look for formulas that are broken. Example: I frequently use SWITCH or IF functions where the formula tests if a field value equals “something”. However, I often change the content of that field, so the formula no longer works e.g. the value is going to be “somebody”. Now the IF and SWITCH formulas testing a field against this value no longer work. The issue is when the condition is tested in more than one formula. If there several formulas on different places, they are all broken without even knowing it.

If I was able to export the formulas, I would be able to quickly find all formulas in table and the entire base and fix them. I know Base Schema app is there but it can be a hairball.

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Yep, here also. It would be great to export the list of fields and their field types, including formula or other specifications. Really helpful for team training!

This tool goes much further than Airtable’s built-in Base Schema app by giving you a list of fields with field types:

You may want to ask them about adding export capabilities.

(Unfortunately, there are no tools on the market that reveal formula definitions, because those are not a part of Airtable’s API.)

@kuovonne has build a useful addon extract the list of fields in useable format. It’s not free, it’s a one time pay which is good and even the free version is useful for example for training purposes…