Can we have it so fields are not auto-added to forms?


At the moment, if I add a field to a table, it automatically appears in any forms I have created for that table. This is very annoying! Once I have created a form, I don’t expect to have to keep checking it to make sure it still looks the way I want it to.

This happens most often if I link a field, thus creating the reciprocating link in the linked table. I generally don’t want that reciprocating link in my form. Then today, I duplicated a table so I could play with it without upsetting the original data. Unfortunately, because this table contains links to all my other tables, every other table got an extra few fields which have then turned up in all my forms. It’s a mess! Please can you remove this auto-add feature?


Sorry, this is a bug. We’ll get it fixed soon.


This issue has been fixed, thank you for reporting it!


Thanks for sorting that!

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