Can you add a column that shows user who added row?

Hi is it possible to add a column that shows which user added a row?

For example, you have a table for different team members to add their own ideas and you want to see who added what? Rather than having a dropdown where users have to select their own name, the column automatically adds the user field who added the row, just like the Created Time field?

I’m not aware of a field type or formula function that can accomplish that. It’d be a good product suggestion.


Maybe you already know, but this information is logged in the chat for each record if the base is set to record revision history. Not ideal, since you can’t filter based on it etc. But the information is there if there’s a particular record of note.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I thought this was the case. Yes you’re right, it is in the record revision history but would be awesome to have it as a field. I will have to suggest it then.

A #product-suggestions already exists for that.

This workaround may be useful:


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