Can you have a view of a single record with linked records underneath?


With AirTable, can you create a view where you see the details of a single record and a list of linked records for a given field underneath? e.g.

As per the above spreadsheet example: I have a Unit that has multiple fields, e.g. course description, learning outcomes … it would link to a Sessions table with multiple records there.

Can I have a list of Sessions records underneath?


Airtable is very limited when it comes to changing how your data can be cosmetically structured.

If you expand your Units record, you can see all of your linked Sessions records. Although this view is not very helpful, because Airtable only shows the first few fields, and it always cuts off the text within those fields.

Your only other option is to use the Page Designer Block, which should hopefully be able to do what you want to do. You can show linked child records in a table on the parent record’s page. (Although there are limitations there too — as far as I know, I believe that the Page Designer block can only show a maximum of one page per parent record. I could be wrong about this.)

For anything more advanced than this, you would need to send your data outside of Airtable and use external tools.


Ok, thanks again mate. Appreciate the prompt response.

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++ For Page Designer. Also Music Theory was my downfall in college. :wink:

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