Cannot copy & paste links that I have inserted on Excel's cells


I have copied and pasted a table on Airtable. I have also tried to import it. The problem is when I have worked on Excel I haven’t entered the links directly to the cells but I have written Here and than have inserted links to each Here as in the photo in attachment. I have customized the fields to URL but on Airtable the links do not appear . I can only read the text Here and they are not clickable .

I would really appreciate if you help me because I have a lot of entries and I cannot start copy and paste them one by one. It would be time wasting. Will be looking forward for your quick, helpful response.

Hi @Klevisa_Kapo - I think you’re using the HYPERLINK formula in Excel:

HYPERLINK(link_location, [friendly_name])

Airtable doesn’t support HYPERLINK so when you copy and paste from Excel to Airtable, you just get the “friendly name” and not the underlying link.

What you could do is get the underlying formula as text into another column in Excel using FORMULATEXT:

From there you should be able to get the URL string using FIND() and/or MID() functions. Once you have the URL string, copy this into Airtable.


Hey @JonathanBowen thanks a lot for your response. I tried your solution and it was helpful. But a lot of the cells show the message: #N/A. Maybe the links are so long.