Cannot install any app

I created a test account to explore airtable functionality. We might need to publish our own application on airtable marketplace. But I cannot install any application from the marketplace. I click “Install” button on an app (e.g. - this one and nothing happens why is this?

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Is your test account a pro account and are you logged into Airtable in the same browser when you click the button?

I don’t know. I created a free account. I think it is a trial account, the same I am logged in here. What should happen when I click “Install” here?

I tried Safari and Chrome with the same result - nothing.

I have the exact same problem: test account for the pro version, trying with Chrome but when clicking on the install button, nothing happens.

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I have the exact same issue - I have a paid “Pro” account. When I click Install, nothing happens (on either Safari or Chrome on Mac OS).


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