Cannot Link on Primary Field


I have already designed a different way of linking, but I remain curious as to why we cannot link on the Primary Field.


It turns out my different method fails. I was trying to link from an address field such as 2000 Main. When I change the type to link, all of the data changes to just the street number, e.g., “2000”.


I’m not exactly certain what you are attempting to do – or what you are doing.

If I define a table with a single text field; create three records with the values 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Three Blind Mice, and ‘’, and then change the field type from ‘text’ to ‘URL,’ I end up with the following URLs:

  • 1600%20Pennsylvania%20Avenue
  • Three%20Blind%20Mice

So that doesn’t seem to be what you were describing. Could you give it another whack?