Cannot Open Bases in Chrome


I am not able to open bases. I am using Chrome. I am able to open them using Edge on the same computer.


Hi Holly. Jacob from Airtable here.

The likely cause of this issue is a conflicting Chrome extension, and we’ve traced the source of many recent similar issues back to a particular extension that a lot of people have installed. The August 8th update of Avast’s SafePrice Chrome extension inadvertently caused their extension to conflict with Airtable, and likely numerous other web apps. Based on your report, I suspect this is an extension you have installed.

If so, can you try disabling or removing this extension, and let me know if this resolves the issue for you?

We have made an effort to alert Avast, because the code conflict could be resolved at their end, allowing you to continue using both their extension and Airtable without a hitch. Feel free to reach out to them as well, letting them know this is something you’d like to see.

For future reference, when having trouble accessing any bases, please reach out directly to so we can be sure we see your message asap!


This was the fix. thanks.