Can't Access Example Blocks

I haven’t been able to access the example custom blocks for some time now. When I try to build one from the template, I get this:

blocks|=> block init appFalshZ06hLqEPb/blkmXtdrOPFKUVPIW --template= flowchart_example
Using your existing API key from /Users/JMO/.config/.airtableblocksrc.json
Initializing block using template
[git] Cloning into 'tmp'...
[git] remote: Repository not found.
[git] fatal: repository '' not found
❌ Something failed! Cleaning up...
Error: Could not get template - please check you entered the name correctly

And when I try to view the source code directly on github, I get this:

My github profile, in case it’s a permissions issue:

Same issue here. Was sure it was my fault!

Hi Jeremy and Jack,
Thanks for reporting this! We were in the process of moving some things around, but all the examples should be back on github now. Please let us know if you continue experiencing difficulties.

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