Can't deploy automation


I’ve set up a “send email” automation for a form, but when I try to switch it on it says “complete automation configuration to deploy”. Problem is I don’t see another actions needed or possible.

What to do?

Thanks for any assistance


same issue here.

Why is there no additional help or link in that error message? “Complete the automation configuration to deploy”


ah I think i figured it out. In my case I needed to select a Slack account

look closer at each step in your automation. One of them probably needs additional info

I’m getting the same message no matter what automation I try to set up. I was able to do one just to test it out for the first time. I deleted it since it was just a test and every single one I’ve tried to set-up since gives me this error. I’ve looked at every single step and there is nothing wrong or missing. SO FRUSTRATING.