Can't run Blocks (Apps) on Mac OS Catalina

I’ve upgraded my Mac to OS Catalina this weekend and Apps stoped working.
I’ve re-installed node and npm to the latest version and tried to install a “Hello World” App and after running the command “npm install -g @airtable/blocks-cli” couldn’t continue because the terminal said block command is ‘not found’.

Any tips, please?

Wild guess - I suspect it has something to do with BASH vs ZSH.

In fact, I think could be that … I’ll read the article, thanks!

I have the same issue. In the past Airtable apps/blocks have failed until I cleared my browser. Now, on Catalina, I can’t run blocks at all in Chrome. Opened Safari (which I don’t use) and apps/blocks worked.

Isn’t this a completely different issue?

@Luiggi_Cuozzo referenced issues running npm (at the command line), not a browser.

And separately, I run chrome on Catalina and execute Script Blocks in the Airtable UI all the time.

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