Can't Scroll Expanded View

Hi. I am using Airtable Desktop app on Macbook Air M1. When I expanded a row to view in details, there were hidden fields that I can’t scroll to the bottom. Below is the example screenshot.

Anybody else having the same issue? How can I solve this issue?

Thank you.

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Seems to be a general issue/bug as we also experiencing same today.


I see. Thank you for sharing. I thought compatibility issue with M1 since the is the first day I am using M1. Hopefully Airtable will resolve this issue soon.

Thank you for sharing, same issue here !

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same issue here! hoping for a fix soon. only on desktop app.

Same issue here - very frustrating…

Same issue here, and for whatever reason this specific base doesn’t play well with Chrome, so I’m kind of stuck until the bug is fixed.

same issue here. Hopefully Airtable will resolve this issue soon.

I’m a bit late to the party I guess :grin:

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I put a support ticket in this morning but they just said they were looking into it. Still appears to be broken. Very frustrating.

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Also experiencing this!

Latest news from support:

Our engineering team released a fix for the issue you were experiencing with scrolling on the desktop app.

I’d recommend closing and reopening the app to make sure you’re working in the latest version.


I think it is fixed guys. My desktop app is able to scroll now.

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