Can't see all fields in an embedded grid-view when card layout is active

Hi there,

I am new to Airtable and am trying to figure out why does the card layout behaves so differently when embedding it to an external website?

This is how it looks at my grid-view once embedded into my site (this capture is from the sharable Airtable link, but it looks the same once actually embedded). As you can guess, there are plenty of fields missing in the middle. Strangely I can see the last field (an image) at the end:

And this is how it originally looks the view in my Airtable base:

Can someone help me to understand why or if I can fix it somehow? It’s not a hidden thing I guess, I already tried that.

Hi did you get an answer to this question?

Card view only shows the first few fields, but you can easily see all the fields by clicking on one of the records, and then it will expand to show you all of the fields.

To see all the fields at all times without clicking, just turn off card view.