Can't unlink accounts to set up a new fresh base/billing system

Currently I have a work account which is paying for airtable. I’m now using it for a personal project and have added collaborators who are being billed to my work account.
I need to transfer ownership to a new account and start paying for the base and associated collaborators through this new account (or just use the free plan there, not sure what we’ll need yet).
I can’t seem to get it to work though! If I try to add the new email address (even on a different browser) it keeps logging me in on my original account. Any tips on separating it all out?


Hi @Jenny_Niven and welcome to Airtable Community :wave:

There are two approaches you can take. Before I list them, it’s important for you to understand how billing works. Pricing is based at the workspace level. So you could very well, have one workspace that is paid and a bunch of other ones that are on the free plan. Likewise, you can have workspaces on different plans as well. Here is more information on how billing works.

Knowing that billing is based on a per Workspace level, you can either create a new account using your personal email or create a new workspace in your current account.

You can create a completely new account using your personal email address. This method will require you to log in and out depending on what you are working on. To quickly move items over from the work email to your personal email, you would;

  1. Create a new account with your personal email address (if not already done so)
  2. Log out, and from your work email, share the base with your personal email
  3. Log out, and from your personal email, create a copy of the base that you are trying to move over
  4. Log out and go back to your work email and delete the base from there.

This option will allow you to keep using the same account (your work email) by simply creating your own personal workspace. Note that your personal workspace will NOT be visible by the company or anyone working there. Should that cease to pay for their plan, all bases will remain. Should they choose to let you go, they could remove your permission to view their workspaces or individual bases. You will NOT lose access to your Workspaces nor any other base.

Hope this helps.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
Nathalie Collins

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