Capacity Planning Issue


Hi there!

I’m currently facing a specific issue with capacity planning.
Let’s say I have a certain project that contains packages of work.
Each package has a specific deadline and an estimated workload.
By doing so, you now know that there is a certain amount of days worked, on certain dates.
Most work packages have a certain overlap when it comes to timing.
I would like to calculate the workload that is planned for each day (so per date, the amount of workload packages that are assigned to that date by the deadline & estimate).

Package 1 - due 10/12/2018 - estim 5 days
Package 2 - due 12/12/2018 - estim 10 days

So for 09/12/2018, I know that 2 packages are ongoing.
Another constraint here is that weekends (so every saturday and every sunday) can not be taken into the calculation.

Does this make sense and can anyone help? :smiley: