Capture tags from a webpage using the Web Clipper Block and the Chrome extension

Hi Airtables users,
this is my first question in this forum because I’m using Airtable for the first time today ! :wink:
I’m really impressed but I’ve an issue (the first one) I can’t fix myself.

I’m trying to capture tags (all the tags) on a Webflow Page in the Showcase Section.
Here is an example :
In this case, I would like to capture : cloneable / webflow / finsweet / nocode / meetups / community / competition / clonecomp

I would like to be able to capture each tag. I can only select the first one (cloneable) for the moment using “.tag-holder .skill” with the “Text content by CSS selector”) and put it in my table if this is possible with the multi-select type. I don’t know if this is a good idea to use multi-select but I would like to give it a try in order to filter by tag after…

Hope it makes sense to someone !

Any help would really be appreciated.

Have a good day

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