Capturing change events from before the block loads

I’m trying to make a Block that can detect changes (such as deletes) to the Airtable and notify another service. It doesn’t seem possible to efficiently detect deletes using the Airtable API with the 10’s of thousands of records we have in our Airtables.

I have a basic prototype going, the only issue is that the block can’t capture any events from before it loads. So if the block takes a while to load and the user is fast and deletes a few records, the block will miss it.

I noticed that there is another function “registerRecordActionDataCallback” that passes in button events that occurred before block is loaded

Your block will not receive “perform record action” events until a callback is registered - they’re held until registration to ensure the block is ready to handle the event (e.g. has finished loading).
Airtable Blocks SDK

Is there anyway to do something similar with records or even cursor. Even if I could get a list of cursor events before the block loads, I’d be able to check all the records that were selected to see if they were deleted. Then after that I could just track the delta of record IDs.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I’m open to other ways of detecting deleted records efficiently as well, but I can’t seem to find anything.

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