Capturing Form Data Pre-Submit

Had a ID 10 T error the other day where I entered the information I gathered for about an hour and somehow didn’t submit the form. It dawned upon me there are many other types of forms that can capture data pre-submit in case a form isn’t fully completed.

Anything we can do like this? Or should I make it a feature suggestion?


I suggest making a suggestion, as this behavior isn’t currently possible with Airtable. I’m not even sure if third-party form software like Jotform can do something like this. Frankly, I can only think of a very small handful of situations when a form I’m using has saved data without being told to do so. I can’t imagine that such a feature would have a very high priority compared to others, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth suggesting.

Let me re-explain. Not asking for it to save for the user, it “submits” to the database after data entry, and re-submit.

WP Forms has this feature: - I guess this would what I’m trying to explain. 31 seconds in it has some features for it that are good to have but it can be done anyway it’s liked.