Card view ability to flip card with swipe action


In viewing the database, it will be extremely useful if I can open the database, and flick the screen left and right to flip to the next card, or one before that. This will really help viewing through the database very quickly.

Currently, I have to click to view the data, then go back to the list, find another one and click to open it. Much more steps involved.


@Franklin_Tseng, I discovered by chance that if you scroll up and down on the open card record, in the iOS version, you will go to the next or previous card in your base. Does that help? Also, if you swipe from the left edge across your current page, you will go to the previous page as well.


Dear Mark:

This is very interesting. I tried it on my ipad, and it worked from the lower left or right corner flicking up, and from the upper right corner flicking down. Only thing is it is easy to touch the wrong area for the flick.

For my android phone, I have tried and it does not work with the same motion and locations.

Looked like you are onto something that will work. Left and right swipe is better as there are no controls on the left and right side of the screen, but I can work with up and down swipes.

Please adopt this to the Android as I uses the phone more than the ipad. I don’t have a touch screen on my computer so cannot test it out there.


@Franklin_Tseng, I should clarify further that my experience for doing this is on my iPhone. I do not have an iPad to test that platform. But, on the iPhone, you can scroll down for example to the bottom of the record (past the last field) and then just keep scrolling and it will “flick” to the next record automatically. Same with going up.

What may have driven this decision instead of left/right is as I mentioned above, if you swipe from the left edge now on the iPhone it takes you to the prior menu/page. So, this may have been a conscious design decision.

Sorry to hear it doesn’t work on the Android version, but hopefully that will be added as that version matures.