Card View embed limited fields

I wanted to embed the card view because it looks nice on our webpage, however most of the information gets cut off, even though there is plenty of space. Is there any way to edit the card view? I have seen some other topics regarding this, but there hasn’t been any answer, and I haven’t heard anything from support in 2 weeks.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Welcome to the community, John! :smiley: There are very few controls offered for customizing Airtable’s card views, and even fewer that specifically affect how a card view appears when embedded. If tweaking the iframe HTML provided by Airtable won’t give you the space you desire, you’ll likely need to go deep and use the API to collect the data you want, then build your own UI for it.

I’ve found this to be an issue as well, and a really annoying one. Don’t understand why they limit the embed to 4 fields in this view.