Categories for items that could appear in multiple filters in Softr

I am setting up a Directory within Airtable that will enable someone to select the best payment solution for their business. It will be a carbon copy of the Case Study on Softr’s website (see image).

If someone needs an invoicing solution, for example, they would click the “Invoicing” category on Softr, and the payment solutions would appear.

But I have 2 challenges:

(1) For certain solutions, like Square, could come up under multiple filters such as “Point of Sale” or “eCommerce” or “Invoicing”. If create a column with ‘Multiple Select’, would that work?

(2) Some solutions will be for B2B payment solutions and the other 80% would be for B2C payment solutions. There are 2 questions for this chellenge: the first is the same as before i.e should I use ‘Multiple Select’ and the second question is filtering hierarchy. How do I configure Airtable so that the B2B/B2C filter is first, then the solution type is second.

I am new to Airtable and I did search through the community posts to find these answers, but, none of the scenarios that I found helped me figure out everything by myself. Thanks in advance for any help.

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