Cell Descriptions


The little i information button is very useful for describing the title of the column header. However I would like to add the same option but for any cell in the base. When viewing the record in vertical view, the option to click the i button should be there as well for someone to explain why the result is that result or what it means.



I’m not sure this would be possible, considering that Airtable doesn’t technically have cells the way that spreadsheets do. While the default grid view looks almost identical to a spreadsheet, the individual spaces for data entry aren’t nearly as independent as in a spreadsheet. The “column header” as you describe it is a field header, and each item in that field operates identically based on the properties assigned to that field. Values may differ, but that’s about it; i.e. within a given field column, there won’t be a formula in one space, a rollup in another, a manually-entered date in another, etc.

In that light, the information entered into the field header’s description should accurately apply to every data item in that field. If you have something in one field “cell” of one particular record (row) that’s dramatically different contextually from all other items in that field column, then it sounds like you might not have a clear understanding of how databases differ from spreadsheets in both design and intended usage.



I get there is a big difference between a spreadsheet and a DB. I just want to be able to write a note for why a value is that value. For example if the drop down options are yes, no, maybe. Maybe could have a note explaining why. especially if its just one note needed, I dont want to create a whole column called explanation after every single column.