Change colors on linked records


I can’t seem to figure this out. Normally on “multiple select” or “Single select” options, changing colors is fairly easy

however with linked tables, the colors are always blue. Cannot find any options to change it

I found this support thread here, but it wasn’t answered either

is this a supported feature?




No, this is not a supported feature at this time. We’ve heard this request a few times and are considering ways to support it in the future.



okay thanks for the update



Hey Vincent,

I also miss this feature.
Nevertheless, I found a workaround which could help you:
Use some emojis in your linked records title (see

Have fun with Airtable :wink:

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ah okay I could use unicode symbols as well forgot about those

:zap: ✪ ◆ ✗ ✓



It would also be useful to be able to show the linked records shaded different colours depending on their status. For example in my Suppliers’ Table I have a column which is linked to the table containing invoices from the suppliers but once these invoices are paid and the date is added to the invoice on the invoice Table it would be useful to signify which invoices are outstanding or paid in the linked table column of the Suppliers’ Table.

Better still it would be good to be able to link to a view of a Table so I could have a view just for outstanding invoices not those that have been paid.

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And why not Gouping, Filter, or even creating a View for them? :thinking:

You can already to that based on a Expected Payment Date field, for instance.



Thanks for replying but not sure I understand your post, I want to be able to see on the Suppliers’ Table either a visible indication of the status of their invoices in the Linked Table column or an option to choose which ones I see by linking to a View of the Invoice Table.



So you have a Suppliers table, with a Linked Record field to connect with Invoices table, isn’t it? And you have several Invoices linked to every Supplier. So, you could have:

  • All Invoices paid
  • Some Invoices paid, and others not paid
  • None Invoices paid

So you can’t do this:

You could have a Field indicating if there is a pending Invoice, for instance.

You cannot do this neither, because the Linking field is like an auxiliary field, like a ghost :smile: You have to work with Invoices in the Invoices table. You could Filter them (and even Group by Supplier) in a new View, to see only pending ones.

Also, in the same way, you could create a new View in Suppliers table, seeing only those with pending Invoices (but in the Invoices linked record field you will see ALL the invoices related to that Supplier).



Thanks again

Also, in the same way, you could create a new View in Suppliers table, seeing only those with pending Invoices (but in the Invoices linked record field you will see ALL the invoices related to that Supplier).

The only problem with this solution, if I have followed it correctly, is that the invoices that now appear in the Pending Invoices (Lookup) column in the Suppliers’ Table are not links to those invoices.



Afaik, you can’t create a Lookup on Suppliers table to get ONLY the unpaid Invoices. How have you done that? :thinking:

I’ve made this demo base, maybe it clarifies a little bit:

It has 2 Views on Suppliers:

  • More Invoiced, all records orderer by Number of Invoices. Even you could have a Amount field in Invoices, and Sum all amouts per Supplier, and order Suppliers by more Amount invoiced.
  • Due Invoices, where I have Filtered to see only Suppliers with due Invoices, ordered by Count of Invoices due. Also, you could order it by Total Amount doing the same as before.

It has 2 Views on Invoices:

  • All, ordered by Due Date.
  • Due, only due Invoices grouped by Supplier and ordered by Due Date.

You also could create Amount field and order by it, and do many many more things.



Afaik, you can’t create a Lookup on Suppliers table to get ONLY the unpaid Invoices. How have you done that?

To show only the unpaid I created a new column “Unpaid Invoices” in the Invoice Table which uses a formula to see if the paid date field is blank, if it is then it returns the invoice number. I then created a column in the Supplier Table set to Lookup, linked via the column in the Suppliers Table (which is linked to the Invoice Table) that has all of the Invoices and selected the Unpaid Invoices field in the Invoice Table. This returns only those invoices that are unpaid.



Oh yes, of course. Creating extra fields all is possible (I didn’t know about a paid field :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

And, what about the demo base?



I would have liked to not have to create the additional field but at the moment that seems to be the way for me to do it. The Table you shared has given me some new ideas, thanks

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+1 on being able to add colors to linked records.



Have the labels adopt the color of the linked record should be a good first step!

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I’m wondering if it’s possible to use a formula to connect each option in a single select field type to its matching field in a “link to another record” field.

Basically, we use Airtable for managing tasks across clients, and we now have three tables. One is tasks, one is a library of work we’ve completed for clients, and the last is the clients themselves. Originally we made a linked column in the tasks table that associates tasks with each client so that we could click on a client name and see all linked work from the library and all tasks across assignees, and any information for that client from the account table But! Airtable doesn’t let you color linked table fields. So everything is blue – we tried to use emojis to differentiate, but it’s not enough.

I’m wondering, is it possible to use a formula to connect single field types (one for each account) with their matching account (from a linked table column) that way we can use the colors of single field selects, but behind the scenes, it’s still linking the tasks to relevant accounts.

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There’s no way to use select options as a linked record; however, depending on your application (and, frankly, it sounds as if this won’t apply to yours) it is sometimes possible to mirror the values of a linked-record field with a single select. You can then use the single select for such things as kan ban grouping, color selection in several of the Blocks, or simply to give visual cues to a grid view.

I made use of this technique in my Black Mirror and SF Tenant Buyout bases, converting linked record fields and data fields with recurring values to single selects. Typically I did this by duplicating the field I wished to convert, changing the field configuration of the duplicate field to single select, and tweaking colors as needed.

For example, in the actual working guts of the base, the code that calculates average score and ranking for Black Mirror episodes is driven by nineteen linked records per reviewing publication. The visualizations, though, take their cues from the conversion of linked records to single selects:

All the usual caveats apply: Since the single select is not tied to the originating field, changes to one are not reflected in the other. It’s very easy to find yourself working with two discrete, divergent data sets — sometimes with no idea which is the accurate one. And, of course, this mirroring is valuable only for certain bases and situations, of which yours is probably not one.



I vote for it too :wink: . any further movement on this?

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how do you use emojis in your linked records title?