Change colors on linked records

For those still looking to add some color to your linked records, this is possible using the lookup field.

Step 1: Create a single select field on the main table you are linking to (for example: Article Topics). The best way to do this might be to duplicate the “Name” field, change it to Single Select, then change your “Name” field to a formula that pulls from the Single Select. (Make sure your single select has colored options turned on.)

Just to clarify, your Single Select field and your record’s primary field might be the same, but the Single Select field will have colors associated with it.

Step 2: Go to the secondary table that is pulling from your main table (for example: Calendar - which lists all your dates and links back to the topic that is being covered that day). Create a lookup field that pulls the Single Select field from the Main table. That lookup field will pull through the formatting of the Single Select.

Again, you may have a field with duplicate content (the Single Select has the same information as the linked record’s name), however the Single Select field will contain colors.

Note: For formatting calendars, the lookup field’s colors won’t be recognized, However, you’ll find it is easier to set up conditional formatting using the lookup field (since it is recognized as a single select field).

I hope this is helpful!


This. This is brilliant. Thank you.

To get people started - I used this formula on my linked record to have a conditional title icon show up in a different table. The plain-english translation is “show the :paperclip: icon after the person record’s name if there is anything contained in any of the Waiver form,Waiver ID or Waiver url fields”

CONCATENATE({First Name}," ",{Last Name}) & IF(OR({Waiver Form},{Waiver ID},{Waiver url}) , " 📎", BLANK() )

this feature should have been implemented by now.

+1 Please make it happen

+1 Please add this feature. It would make things a lot easier.

+1 on this please. Much needed!