Change field order in record view/Expanded view?

I tried this, and this does not seem to work. Just wondering if I’m missing something. When I click and drag, it just highlights the field name. Thoughts?

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Well, I have absolutely no idea why I thought the original question was about reordering fields in form views rather than expanded records. (I see my reply was written at 6:20 a.m., so maybe I was waiting for the coffee-maker to finish.)

The order of fields (and which fields are hidden) in an expanded record is determined by their order in the current view.

The order of fields (and which fields are hidden) in a linked record reached by ‘drilling through’ from another record is determined by their order in that table’s default view — that is, the table’s first or upper-most listed view. However you configure that view — regardless of whichever type of view it may be — determines the visibility and order of fields when accessed as a linked record.

The drag-and-drop method I so confusingly mentioned applies only to ordering fields in a form view:


What about when the view is a Calendar?
For instance in the Kanban view, it’s possible by changing the items’ order in the “Customize cards” menu, but this menu is only applicable to the Kanban cards, not to the calendar items. By the way, even though calendar items aren’t kanban cards, that would be great to have this customization option for them as well.


Matt from Airtable here! Within a few months, we plan on adding functionality to rearrange field order in expanded record views by dragging and dropping.

Until that functionality exists, it is not currently possible to directly rearrange the field order in a calendar view, as you’ve noticed. However, a workaround exists: set up another view (such as a grid view) with your desired field order, then use the copy view configuration flow to copy the field order from the other view to the calendar view.


Nice, this works perfectly! Thanks.

@Matt_Bush ; in the new feature, would be possible to add in a single row multiple fields in the expanded view ?
Thank you!!!

Hey @Matt_Bush! Any word on the progress for this?
It’d be great to be able to customize expanded view without having to change the column view, as I often have a difference between each, and this would dramatically help with my workflow.

@Matt_Bush any updates on this? Otherwise I can take a stab at your workaround recommendation.

@Matt_Bush I’m taking a stab at your recommendation but this feature would be sweet!

Any update on delivering this feature?

Is it on roadmap?

@Matt_Bush, Any updates on when this will be available? Thanks so much.

Following up on this?

@Matt_Bush Any updates?

@Matt_Bush I would very much like this functionality. Any updates on when we’ll be able to rearrange field order in expanded view?

Would love some updates here, @Matt_Bush

Matt’s last post to the community was in 2018, so I wonder if he’s moved on. Tagging @Jason to see if he can shed some light on Matt’s whereabouts, and perhaps offer an update on this item.


Hi, any news on this feature?

This seemingly small enhancement would be very helpful, especially if it also dictated the 3 fields shown on the ‘mini record views’ that first appear, and would save having to expand the individual records in most cases

Not sure if this will work for others, but you can reorder the grid view (or whatever you renamed the first view) of the related table, and the expanded fields will be correspondingly reordered. So in the initial post, if you wanted the URL filed to be the second field on the expanded view, you’d just need to go to the grid view of the related table and make the URL column the second column on that view.

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