Change group count to percent?


How can I see the percent values when viewing a group? Right now airtable shows a count of how many entries are in that group, how can I change this to a percentage? Seems like it would be very simple


I think you have to convert your Segment field into a separated Table and then do something like this: Calculation of Percent-Values


I too am looking for a solution here… Doesn’t look like the above reply gets us any closer.


Are you looking for percentage of total? (For instance, 13 entries represent X% of P, where P = number of rows in that view?)


Correct, currently when i perform a group by, I get two groups, one with the “Count 6” and another with the “Count 3”. Instead of those two, I want to see “Percent: 66%” and “Percent: 33%”


I was afraid you’d say that. :wink:

To my knowledge, that’s not supported in the current product, but it sounds like a good candidate for a Feature Request.