Change header from table

Hi everyone, I’m pretty new at Airtable and I making a little testing project to see scripting functionalities.
Is there any way to change the header value in some table with scripting app? Thank u all.

Hi @Daniel_Andres_Alfons - by “header” I’m guessing you mean the table name. Right now there’s no way to do this with a script I’m afraid. Might be one to watch though - a metadata API is starting to come through:

As per the post above this is currently read only, so wouldn’t allow you to change the properties of a base, table, view etc. But perhaps this will be something that is made available in the future. If you use Airtable’s customer app functionality you can create a table:

But, again, editing a table name is not possible right now.

Hi Jonathan, thanks for your answer, maybe I wasn’t very clear what I mean by “header”, but isn’t table name, I mean the name field, in the head of a specific column in a table, for example the name “notes” that’s created by default when you add a new table.

Again thank u for your help

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