Change Information Displayed in Primary Field in Form View


Hi all,

Im trying to display all relevant information needed in calendar view for a job by altering the primary field accordingly:

However I do not want this information showed in form view when my customers are selecting their job from the list of created records:

Ideally I would like to have just the job number and the year (12 / 2018) on show to the customer.

Can anyone suggest a solution to this? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


AFAIK, the values in the fields are always the same, them not depend of Views or Tables.


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I thought this was the case. I just asking on the off change that someone would be able to suggest a work around…


The Primary Field is used to identify the records both in Calendar and Record picker, and there is no way to custom it in those places (nor any other :sweat_smile:).

You can just use the more equilibrated name to have simplicity and information.


I found a workaround for anyone thats interested.

I’ve created another table with the fields I need displayed along with a link to the original table which has the primary key that I want displaced on my calendar. This new calendar table has new records from the original Jobs table imported into it via a zap everything a new one is created.

I can then use this new table to view my jobs in calendar view with the primary key displayed that I wanted and drill into a record to get to the original table to see all the jobs details via the link.


Oh yes, having a ‘clone table’ is possible, but I think you are overcomplicating:


@tom_pandsmarine – IF your customers are not editing, but only viewing your calendar (although it may also work for editing of a kind), you may be interested in doing this without Zapier, which is possible with just simple lookups. (Zapier is great, it just can be prone to bugginess, misfires, and requires maintenance in the long run, so I try to minimize its use)

When you create a record in your first calendar table, you can simply link it to a “NEW” record in your second calendar table (have a “linked to another record” field and simply click the plus, click “Add New Record”, and then hit escape to close the new record that gets made – it’s a pretty quick process once you get the hang of it).

In that second calendar table, all of your fields will simply be lookups of exactly, and only the information you want to pull from the record in the first calendar table – all the other info will not show up because you have not pulled it over from the original table, and you can use a formula in the primary field to have it show what you want to show to your customers.


@Jeremy_Oglesby: I agree about introducing Zapier into the mix only if you have to; one more thing to go wrong (possibly).

What you suggest looks like it might work quite well in my setup. I’ll have a play and let you know how I get on :+1:



I also just responded to somebody else detailing how I make this process (linking to a NEW record every time) as fast as I can:


@Jeremy_Oglesby: This has worked best for me over your shortcut suggestion in the other topic as I am creating records from the popups that come about after clicking on calendar records. Much better than going out to Zapier and having to wait 15 or 5 minutes! I’m getting my head around Airtable more and more each day - many thanks.