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When I first set up my base, I established one field, mistakenly, as single line text instead of a number. I recognized it with 100+ records in, and have lived with it ever since. Now I want to change the field type for this field from single line text to number, without losing the entries.
I could probably sort the records by that field and add a new field as I want it, then add in all the new field entries, and last delete the old ones. Is there a faster or base-wide way to accomplish this?
Many thanks.

Fastest method: [Customize this field] and change type to number. Numeric values will be retained, however non-numeric values will be lost.

Less fast, more prudent method: [Duplicate] that field with data option selected, then [Customize this field] change type to number, and see what happens…

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Thanks, took the prudent path and it’s fine. Is it now safe to just delete the prior field?

Yes it’s safe to delete, as long as it is not part of some formula in that table, and is not looked/linked-up from another table.

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Thanks! Much appreciated!

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