Change row height on mobile app?

Hi, is there a way to make the row height larger than the default using the mobile app? I have my row height set to x-large on Desktop so I can see the pictures that are attached to my rows; is there a way to adjust that setting on the iPhone app?

Hi @Erin_Knight

I don’t think that’s possible on a mobile device, there are limitations with the devices and this is one of them.

The best you could do is to tap on a record and tap an image, to enlarge it.

How this might be of some help.

Mary Kay

P. S. The mobile and desktop app are two completely separate entities.

Thanks. Yeah unfortunately I don’t think that will work for me; I really need to be able to scroll through the list of pictures to compare them without opening each record individually. I guess I’ll have to just use the desktop version until they’re able to make larger rows or images an option on the app. Is there a way to submit feature requests?

Hi @Erin_Knight

There are two ways.

On this forum, by selecting Product Suggestion, but do a search first to make sure it has not been posted already.

Include the reason you would like to suggest this feature.

The other way would be to contact Airtable Support at

Mary Kay

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