Change the label of linked records

I have a table of people and a table of events. Then a table of attendance that has notes about their each person’s attendance: did they attend, did they complete, did we send them a certificate, etc. It has a linked column to the people and to the events.

But when I look at the field in the people table in the linked field to attendance all I see is the autonumber id. Same in the event field. Is there a way to change what field is used in the label in a table? Ideally the label of the linked record in the People table will be the name of the event, and in the event table it will have the name of the person.

Is this possible or should I find a different way to structure this?

Hi @Tyson_VanOverhill1 - the linked record label is always the primary ID of the table you’re linking to - in your case an autonumber field. To make it show the event just make your primary key the event name. The primary key should be unique (although AT doesn’t enforce this), so if there’s a chance you might have the same event name twice you could make it unique by concatenating it with another field or an autonumber to make it unique, e.g. ID field is:

{Event Name} & '-' & {Date}


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