Change year to decade

Hello! Does anyone know a way that I can use a formula to convert a year to a decade? Forgive me if this is simple, I am new to formulas… Thanks!

I believe it’s something like

Thanks, I’ll try that. Where exactly would I put in the target field that has the date in it?

Hmm. that doesnt seem to work…

my formula takes a date, extract the year, and returns the decade.
If you already have the year try

Ok, it does in fact work. Maybe you can help me with one more thing. As it is now, it shows me the result as a 4 digit year, for example 1982 or 1983 will both return 1980 for the decade. Is there a way to make the result show as just the last two digits? like “80s” or “90s” ?

Thanks again

this worked for me

Thats wonderful, thank you so much! Last one but not a big deal. This returns everything perfectly like "80s, 90s) etc. except for the 2000s which just comes back as “0s”… any ideas there?

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