Changing a Button Field label

I’m still fairly new to scripting, and going through the learning process. I’m assuming the below error means that scripting can’t access the details that it needs to?


N: Can’t set cell values: Field ‘Button’ is computed and cannot be set

My example code below;

let myTable = base.getTable("ButtonTable");
let myTabeQuery = await myTable.selectRecordsAsync();

for (let myRecord of myTabeQuery.records) 
    let getButton = myRecord.getCellValue('Button')

    let getSelect = myRecord.getCellValue('SingleSelect')

    let newName = "💚";
    await myTable.updateRecordAsync(myRecord,{Name:newName});

    let newSelect = "💚";
    await myTable.updateRecordAsync(myRecord,{"SingleSelect": {name:newSelect}});

    let newButton = "On";
    await myTable.updateRecordAsync(myRecord,{"Button": {Label:newButton}});

Is there any method to update Labels?

No. Button labels are static, and are the same for every record. The label is a property of the table’s field object, not a field value associated with a record.

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You are correct that you cannot change button field labels. They are fixed and must be the same for every button in a column.

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