Changing Airtable form URL, branding and adding conditional redirect

Hey everyone!

Long-time Airtable user, first-time poster.

Looking for feedback on my tool which lets you hack an Airtable form to put it at your own domain and brand it a little more than the usual.

Here’s a live example:

Things that are different to a normal Airtable form:

  • URL at, instead of
  • Custom Google font
  • Custom button color
  • Conditional redirect on submission (you go to different checkout pages depending on which plan you select in the final question)

Does this solve problems that anyone has around needing vanity URLs for Airtable forms, needing to brand them more than the usual, or needing to have conditional redirects? Keen to get your feedback.

Also, I’m thinking a next iteration might be to turn an Airtable form into a step-by-step onboarding flow (each question appearing on its own, with a ‘Next’ button below). Any interest in that?



I’m in need of something like this. Do you have a beta?

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Hi Thomas!

This is a live example of the product:

If you’d like to subscribe, check out the payment plans here:

We are able to offer Airtable forms at your own domain under the Standard plan (without adding your own branding).

Anything else you’d like to know, simply email me at!


I just emailed you. I am curious about: “step-by-step onboarding flow (each question appearing on its own, with a ‘Next’ button below)”