Changing discount at the end of three month period

I currently have the following formula running since January that I want to be active for all bookings up to up the end of Mar 2021.

{Extrachildren} * MIN(({Weeks FM/Zoom}+{WeeksSR}), 10) * 5

For April until June I want this formula to be active

{Extrachildren} * MIN(({Weeks FM/Zoom}+{WeeksSR}), 11) * 3

Can somebody tell me how I achieve this.

Hi @Philip_Barber

Is it an option to use an if() in your formula and using a date/date of record creation/today()/… as a parameter to determine which formula to use?

Thank you for your suggestion but I have just agreed with another helper that I like their solution of using SWITCH as a solution. Unfortunately the solution will not safe currently but I am sure that it must be something I am doing incorrectly.

At a later stage I do want to check a booking date and use a formula to assign the correct Qtr but that is jumping ahead of myself, unfortunately I really am not good enough to do any formula myself.

Thanks for you suggestion but it was not clear enough for me to fully understand the option.



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