Changing Displayed Field in Calendar View and/or Display Value of Field


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Just wanted to cross post this in the correct forum since it’s not a feature I couldn’t find but a feature that doesn’t exist yet.

It would be nice if we could change the display field of a table to be something other than the primary key field.



I’d like to second this request, please!

For my purpose, I’m creating a calendar of home cleans for a housekeeping department. So Employee Joe may clean Red House and Blue House on one day, and Yellow House the next, while Employee Jane may clean the same homes (Red House and Blue House) next week.

Each “clean” has a unique primary key ID number (auto-assigned), but since that’s the primary field, it’s the only field I can show on my calendar. That means the calendar can’t be used at a glance without extensive filtering and views between homes or employees. Being able to create a view where the displayed field is the employee name, and another where it is the home name would make it very useful. This way we could see the entire schedule at a glance and be able to see where an employee is being sent in two directions on the same day, without having to click into each separate record to see the info we need.


Hi there, one alternative way to solve this problem would be to create an autonumber field that is not the primary field, then configure the primary field to be a formula which displays both the employee name and the home name, e.g. ={Employee Name}&" "&{Home Name}


Great idea - that worked. Thank you!


But this may make the primary field non-unique. Is this OK?


I also struggle with this. Being able to change the displayed field (to something other than the primary field) would be much more helpful. That way I could have multiple calendar views tied to different displayed fields. Right now I have to change my primary field via a formula each time I want to view the calendar in a different way and doing so seems to break some of my links (where a unique primary field is required).


Another vote for this feature to be implemented!


I agree … a method to choose the field to display for the calendar entry. In my case, I already have the date as the primary key, so I’m displaying a rather ridiculous calendar showing 7/18/2018 three times on the calendar the date 7/18/2018.

Just add the ability to display any field for the entry shown on the calendar.


I’d need this feature too! It’s quite important to be able to choose what field to display on the calendar


+1 vote for this additional development


These feature is a MUST for us!


This feature would be really great! +1 vote from me

When I set up calendar I had a different field as the main field and it was a pain to reconfigure the entire table becuase I didn’t know which one the calendar would show.

I would also say it would be really helpful to be able to change that easily with views that showed different fields. I have to check two things on the calendar view and it’s a bit cumbersome to click into each record each time I have to check the other thing that’s not the main field.


I’m in agreement with others here. I’d like to use the calendar view to schedule social media posts, where the various channels are the display value. As is, calendar view is a nice idea, but proving useless for me.


This would be great - I’m running classes for people in jails. The teachers of the classes want to know when trials and sentencing hearings are, but only for the people in their classes. If I could make a combo field as described above and make that the displayed view in the calendar and ical feed, that would mean the teachers don’t have to sort through dozens of names to find their own (and I wouldn’t have to screw up the other functionality of the base by turning that combined field into the primary key).