Changing Displayed Field in Calendar View and/or Display Value of Field

I also want to voice support for this feature!

In our case, we may have the same ‘event’ (class type) many times. Yet, we would not want all instances of the same ‘class’ to have the same Primary Key. Yet, in a calendar, you usually want the event name showing up in the calendar entries.

So, this is a very, very logical feature to be implemented in order to make the calendar into a more appropriate tool.

+1 for our business! We need to be able to 1) change the displayed title of the calendar event and 2) hide or re-order fields displayed when expanding events.

Yes! I’m shocked this isn’t an option! Please institute this! The formula won’t work for me.


Please add this critical feature!

Same here. Can’t believe this doesn’t already exist.

Agreed - this should be configurable in the same way that Kanban/Gallery cards are.

Almost 4 years since this important feature was asked. Still don’t think you can prioritize it? Is it THAT unuseful in your eyes?


Sad that such a simple feature can’t be added in this span of time… This is needed