Changing Displayed Field in Calendar View and/or Display Value of Field

+1 to this!
This feature would really help us to show our booked equipment for different projects in one calendar view!

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I add my vote for this feature

Since there’s no way to set the field inside of Airtable, we’ve built an extension for Airtable that allows you to change the event name to any other field in external calendars. It generates you a calendar ics link that you can subscribe to in any calendar app.

I desperately need this feature. I have some tabs that have the concatenate formula for the primary field, but that isn’t an option in all of the tabs. We shouldn’t have to work around and upend our own systems because this still hasn’t been implemented or even responded to by anyone from Airtable. This would be insanely helpful and like others have already said, should be similar to the Kanban and Gallery views so you can edit what shows up easily.

Just use formula as field type no?

Yes, this is key. Current functionality assume the primary key is useful which is a poor assumption. A good example of where this fails is if you are displaying names on a calendar for assignments. In terms of work calendars (projects, timesheets, etc.) the names are not unique (many will have multiple assignments) and so cannot be the primary key. In these important cases, the calendar view cannot be used.

Another request for this feature. There are customizable cards in Kanban view and it makes no sense why there isn’t the same functionality on Calendar views.

+1 +1 +1 +1 C’mon Airtable!

Waiting for this amazing feature.

Would love to see this too. I want the calendars to work exactly the same as gallery view, where I can select multiple fields to be displayed in the calendar. Please!

Chiming in here too. This feature would be SO USEFUL for our company.

+1 essential. Strange when the functionality appears to be there for gantt views. Please prioritise devs! Would be great to see this featured in what’s new soon. Formula use doesn’t cut it.


Another request for this feature.

I use the calendar view for task management, also and would love to be able to choose the status field to show up easily on the card when it pops up – it would save so much time than having to then open up each card to adjust the field.

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+1 hope they will add it soon

+1 We use airtable to track our students, and use a calendar view for Admissions - I’d love to use the name fields in the calendar view to see new enrollees at a glance.

Could we preeeeeeety please make this happen sortable team? I just have run into this issue and it looks like it goes back to 2016 :crazy_face:


Could this please be something that is integrated into airtable as it would be so helpful

I also need this feature to be easier.

'+ 1 for this feature… please!! I need external people to see the available date slots in another table with a form (the dates link are the identifier - link to another record), yet internal users on the shared calendar should be able to see their names in the title of the event so they know which slots are their responsibilities (seeing just the identifier does not work)

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+1 Need this ASAP. It would be great to share information through an embedded calendar.