Changing line item price affects historical order values

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I have a base set up for my businesses orders. I have a table for all my products, a table for line items per quote etc.

However if I want to change the price of one of my products it will alter the value of line items from previous orders. Which I use for historical reporting etc.

Is their any way to hard code the price of the product at the time of purchase?


No, unfortunately, this is not possible in Airtable. :frowning:

One solution for this is to create new products every time the price changes, and give each product a slightly different SKU #.

Another solution would be to copy-and-paste the price at the time of data entry into a normal number field, instead of using a lookup field. (This could be automated.)

Another solution would be to create a whole bunch of different price fields in your products table, where each price would represent a different date range. Then, lookup all of those price fields into your line items table and create a formula that picks the right price based on the date of the quote.

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Hey guys,

An alternative idea on @ScottWorld recommendations is to add a discount field per product that will update a new field “Sold price” while the product price can remain steady.
What do you think?


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