Character Count Between Two Limits

Hi, I work for a public television station and I’m creating a content database to store records of our productions, improve workflow and communication, etc. We have to submit descriptions for tv listings and the character limits have to fall in the range of 101-250 characters. I’m trying to create a formula that displays the number of characters and let’s the user know if the characters are below 101, between 101-250, or above 250. I find people need the visual warning since I can’t set a X amount of characters or character cut off.

This is the best I can figure out so far, but it’s a little odd:

LEN({Episodic Description}) & IF(LEN({Episodic Description})>250, " ❌ Too Long", " ✅ Good") & IF(LEN({Episodic Description})<101, " ❌ Too Short", " ✅ Good")

For example, if some is under the 250 limit the Good pops up. If there isn’t a better formula I can definitely change the tag from " :white_check_mark: Good" to “Over 101” & “Under 250”.

Any ideas? Thanks!

You have to nest your IF statements. delete your first " ✅ Good") & and put a closing parentheses at the very end.

Perfect, thank you so much!

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