Characters becoming automatically escaped, and backslashes entering resulting string in app

I’m using Airtable as a database as that’s where my clients data was already.

Integrating in a react app using node/express/webpack deployed to heroku.

When I bring in data from a long text block from Airtable, some characters are automatically escaped with backslashes - these are not visible in the UI of the airtable database.
When I console log within the server it appears as below -
Name: ‘Power Pose’,
Notes: ‘INSPIRED BY: \n’ +
Want to learn more about body language and how much our body impacts our mind? Watch Amy Cuddy's TED Talk, "Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are."\\_cuddy\\_your\\_body\\_language\\_may\\_shape\\_who\\_you\\_are\n,
‘Area of Improvement’: [ ‘Self-Awareness’, ‘Presentation Skills’ ],
‘Number of People’: [ ‘Solo’ ],
Description: ‘Find a quiet space where you can be alone. Set and start a timer for 2 minutes. Spread your arms wide, making a “V” with your arms. “V” for the Victory pose (arms overhead, chin up). Breathe consciously — 4 seconds in, 4-second hold, 4 seconds out, 4 second hold, 4 seconds in, and repeat). Then, after 2 minutes, return to whatever you were doing with composure, smiling, and strength.\n’,

At present, I am handling the \n by split and joining, as these were coming through as text. It’s useful to keep these as it indicates where line breaks should be in the final text. However the escaped underscores in the URL break the URL, currently I am handling these with regex. However in other places, certain other characters are escaped, for example
“1. Do this…”
comes through as
“1. Do this…”

Is there a way to disable the escaping of these characters through the airtable response.


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