Charges for adding base collaborators

I just upgraded to the pro plan (from the free). I don’t see anywhere where it gives the price to add a base collaborator. I really don’t think i want to pay much for something that i don’t know if they are going to use much. i paid for Airtable myself because it was my choice to get myself more organized. I really only need my boss to come in every now and then (like once or twice a month) and change a drop down for a job from “billed” to “paid”. That and maybe she would log in every now and then to see the status of things. Is there not a way she can do this without me having to pay to add her as a collaborator? I can make her “view only” for free, right? or can i give her my login so she can just check in every now and then? (and change those drop downs). i know she’d have access to all of my bases, but that is fine, i’m probably only using this for work anyway.

You can find pricing at

For such occasional use it makes sense to have your boss as a free read-only user for your base.

but she also needs to be able to add when a bill has been paid as i have no way of knowing when that happens. i know she can just tell me another way and i can change the drop down, but just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t an option i was missing. also,that pricing page only gives prices for the plans. I already have Pro and need to see how much it’ll be to add her.

The pricing on the webpage is per billable collaborator, so adding her as a second collaborator with write access would double your cost.

For only occasionally changing a drop-down, it doesn’t seem worth it to pay for an extra user.

A workaround for updating status would be to use a form with linked records, rollups, and formula fields to calculate the status. It is a bit complicated as you cannot update an existing field with a form, only add new fields. However, it would be free. You can do a search on these forums for updating existing records using forms to get an idea of how complex it would be for your workflow.

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